The gorgeous Julianne Hough.


The gorgeous Julianne Hough.

nameskennywormald asked: That is the cross I shall bare for the rest of my life lovely, I love something I simply cannot have. Glutton for punishment and all ;) Yes you do, you ladies are like my dream foursome. Thanks to you I shall have some brilliant double dds to cry on. I'll have to do some shopping so the little man and I match while we go pick up chicks. I can pick up from the bar while he picks up one from the playschool. Jules.. it's official. I think Luca shall be my new wingman.

Now you’re admitting you love me? I tell ya, you keep flattering me, haha. Dream foursome? That is very awkward considering they’re my sisters! Hahaha. Yes, yes you will. I wish you good luck on finding those double D’s. Oh my goodness, please don’t make my baby look like a fashion victim. He likes to be stylish in his Ralph Lauren and his hockey gear! I don’t know how Steven is going to feel about all of this! Haha


icanspeaktoghosts asked: PM: that sounded like you had already accepted it baby :) xx


icanspeaktoghosts asked: PM: kill joy. ;)

PM: I already know he’s gonna wanna be just like you and when he sees that picture he’s going to ask Riawna to give him a mullet.

nameskennywormald asked: Well of course I meant the other way Jules.. it's me after all - don't expect anything less. About time' something recognizes my poetic abilities! I've been suppressed for so long.. SO VERY LONG *sniffles* We can battle! But instead of yo momma jokes, it's your yo sista jokes mwahaha.. Okay.. let's get this down to science. You were beating me, nearly killed a guy and then attempted to ride off with a dolphin and a tiger or something from the local zoo.. Sounds logical.

I knew it. I know you too well. I’m an engaged woman now, Kenny. You always catch me when I’m taken. Yo sista jokes? Is this cause my mom is gorgeous and you don’t want to make fun of her? Wait..but my sisters are gorgeous too and you met all of them! Don’t deny that I have some gorgeous sisters who killed it in the Fake ID dance scene. Wow..that’s very…interesting. But I’ll go with it. Why not?

icanspeaktoghosts asked: PM: better take that photo of me with Luc down then ;)

PM: It will be coming down…as soon as Luca is able to realize it.

icanspeaktoghosts asked: PM: babe what are you saying? I look good in a mullet. I bet Luca is going to want one too.

PM: No, no, no, no, no. My son will never have a mullet! 

nameskennywormald asked: You should eat me for lunch, and next weekend you will be fabulous and fly as always little mama. I see I'm gifted ;) I wouldn't miss those dates for the world Jules plus somebody has to show D how it's actually done. What are you in there for? Maybe we can say you were beating me and I can find a nice pair of double dd's to cry on.. By the way.. Jules. this is yet another reason why I love you :)

Eat you for lunch? I’d say I’m not Hannibal but knowing you, you probably meant that another way. You have a way with words! Ohhh, those are fighting words. Wait til D hears. I think we should say I killed a man or something like that. If I’m in pretend jail, it should be for something crazy. Double D’s? I don’t expect any less from you. You should go give Kate Upton a call! 

icanspeaktoghosts asked: PM: Pittsburg doesn't look good on anyone. Unless we grow mullets again ;)

PM: Noooooo mullets!